Infographic: Most New Managers Are Not Ready to Lead

First-Time-Manager InfographicA new infographic from The Ken Blanchard Companies looks at the challenges individual contributors face when they step into their first leadership assignments. With over two million people being promoted into their first leadership roles each year—and over 50% struggling or failing—the care and feeding of first-time managers needs to be front and center on every leadership development curriculum.

Unfortunately, research shows that new managers are usually promoted without the skills needed to be a good manager and that 47% of companies do not have a new supervisor training program in place.

As a result, 60% of new managers underperform in their first two years according to a study by the Corporate Executive Board resulting in increased performance gaps and employee turnover.

More importantly, research by Harvard Business School professor Linda Hill has found that negative patterns and habits established in a manager’s first year continue to “haunt and hobble them” for the rest of their managerial careers.

It’s critically important that learning and development professionals help new managers get off to a fast start—both for their immediate and long-term future.  What type of support are new managers experiencing in your organization?  If it’s not what it should be, the new Blanchard infographic can help open up a conversation and encourage some steps in a better direction.

You can download the first-time manager infographic here—and be sure to check out a new Blanchard first-time manager white paper that explores the issue more completely—including suggestions for a first-time manager curriculum.

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