You’re Invited! Leading from Any Chair in the Organization

Join author and consultant Bob Glaser for a complimentary webinar and online chat beginning today at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time (12:00 noon Eastern).

In a special presentation on Leading from Any Chair in the Organization, Bob will be sharing three actionable steps on creating a culture where everyone feels a sense of ownership, empowerment, and ability to make a difference.  The webinar is free and seats are still available if you would like to join over 500 people expected to participate.

Immediately after the webinar, Bob will be answering follow-up questions here at LeaderChat for about 30 minutes.  To participate in the follow-up discussion, use these simple instructions.

Instructions for Participating in the Online Chat

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It’s as easy as that!  Bob will answer as many questions as possible in the order they are received.  Be sure to press F5 to refresh your screen occasionally to see the latest responses.

We hope you can join us later today for this special complimentary event courtesy of Cisco WebEx and The Ken Blanchard Companies.  Click here for more information on participating.

18 thoughts on “You’re Invited! Leading from Any Chair in the Organization

    • Hi Kim
      My experience is that leading in a virtual environment requires more communication and transparency than face to face.
      You have to work much harderto build trust.

      • Thanks. Do you think we should try and bring people together more for face to face meetings to help build that trust?

        • Absolutely, if you can! At least the first meeting or two and then on a regular basis…such as an annual meeting. This will build trust between the team members and you.

  1. Related to the idea of influencing up, how do we help our leaders understand that they may need to modify some of their behaviors . . . help them understand that it’s OK for a leader to admit that they can still learn, grow, and develop?

  2. Bob and I are here now–if you have a question for Bob–just type it in and we will answer as many questions as we can in the next 20 minutes.

    • If you are new to the organization…my advice is to become an expert observer of the culture and cultural norms. Pay attention to the leaders and what they communicate, what gets rewarded and what they pay attention to. You can then decide how to best align yourself to the existing norms.

  3. Another question from the webinar related to that–what if you are coming into an organization that you perceive has a poor existing climate? Any special things to be on the lookout for?

    • You have to decide if you are in a position to create a high performing culture in your sphere of influence. Can you act to make changes that will move your team in another direction? If not, you have to make a decision about the values alignment and if this is a good fit for you personally. Tough call.

  4. Another question from the webinar specifically about mentoring and helping others. If time is an issue, what is one thing that a leader can do if they want to do something impactful in a time efficient way?

    • I suggest you focus on the critical tasks first. Focus on the 20% that produce the 80% results.
      Also use others on the team to help out if they can.

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