Trust: The Critical Link to a High Energy Workplace

Trust is a critical link that helps people work better together, listen to one another, and build effective relationships. Yet many people are unaware of the actions that influence trust.

On May 20, organizational change expert Cindy Olmstead will be conducting a webinar to increase awareness and sensitivity for the behaviors which erode trust and share strategies which build and sustain trust. Over 1,400 people have registered for this free event, but there are still seats available.  Follow this link to learn more about this complimentary webinar Trust: The Critical Link to a High Energy Workplace.

I hope you can join us!

Special After-Event Online Chat

Immediately after the webinar, Cindy will be answering questions here at LeaderChat for about 30 minutes.  To participate in the online discussion, follow these simple instructions.

Instructions for Participating in the Online Chat

  • Click on the COMMENTS link above 
  • Type in your question for Cindy

It’s as easy as that!  Cindy will answer as many questions as possible in the order they are received.  Be sure to press F5 to refresh your screen occasionally to see the latest responses.

15 thoughts on “Trust: The Critical Link to a High Energy Workplace

    • The boss needs to set clear goals and define what outstanding performance looks like in his/her perspective. Then, he/she needs to discuss what competencies you bring to the job. Then you need to demonstrate to him/her that you can deliver the results. Set up a way to have a follow up discussion so that you can build trust with your boss so he/she does not need to micromanage you in the future.

  1. Hi,

    Can you tell me how to deliver the 360 feedback to a senior manager in denial, ie. a senior manager whose team has fear but the senior manager thinks he/she is compasionate, understanding, fair, etc.

    • I would recommend that you have a session with Leader as Trustbuilder as this introduces the ABCD Model. Plus there is a self assessment that each participant takes as part of the session. Then, the 360 feedback process can be introduced with either a 3rd party helping to interpret the data with that senior manager. This tool has helped to awaken many similar managers.

  2. Hi Everyone, Cindy is logging in to this website now and she will be here for about 20-minutes to answer questions. If you have a question, use the comments section to ask it.

  3. at the very end you talked about a tool that can be used…. something about 36 questions? can you give me more details on that… what it is and where i might be able to view it? thanks

  4. To see the other questions that people are asking–and to see Cindy’s responses–click F5 on your computer occaisonally which will refresh your screen.

  5. D means being dependable. Is trust eroded, and by how much, if you can’t meet your deadline,but you tell the person prior to the deadline? Is it a sliding scale (the closer to the deadline that you tell them, the more you risk the trust?)

  6. Thanks, Everyone, for being here today. It is always so exciting to be able to talk about the ABCD’s of Trust to help others know how to address trust. Practice looking at the behaviors and deciding whether they are A, B. C, D. Remember TRUST Works!!!


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