Higher Learning

“No longer, are we, as learners’ bound by time or space to gather information, dissect it, test it, and even apply it. Higher learning is evolving, literary, right before our eyes, and our own Harvard Yard is in our hands!”

Unhappy? Focus on the Present

Do you find yourself unhappy a majority of the time, especially in the workplace?  Perhaps it’s not the environment or the job, itself.  It could be a simple matter of your focus (or rather, your focus on too many things at once).  Psychologists at Harvard University recently completed a study to find out how people…

Quiet Desperation

The truth is, we want to be great! We want excellence, meaning, and worthwhile achievements in our life and in our work. There is a voice inside of everyone that craves greatness—a call to live, lead, and love at a higher level.