The Five Must-Read Blanchard Leadership Posts of 2021

Tis the season for lists, and we offer ours: The five must-read blogs of 2021.

But our list is a little different. It shines a little light for L&D professionals trying to find their way in 2022. That’s valuable, considering that the past year has been filled with numerous challenges. Everyone is struggling to stay balanced and informed in the whipsaw environment of the pandemic.

Our five illuminating reads will leave you better prepared for the days ahead.

  1. Designing Engaging Learning for a Hybrid Work Environment: Our 2022 L&D Trends Survey found that 53% of L&D professionals felt their virtual designs were not as effective as their face-to-face offerings. Ann Rollins, a solutions architect for The Ken Blanchard Companies, offers specific recommendations to lure learners and keep them engaged.
  2. Keeping Your Best People from Resigning During the Great Resignation: The pandemic has unleashed a tidal wave of resignations. The cost to companies is unsustainable. Dr. Vicki Halsey shares six strategies to stem the tide of departures. One client found this post so valuable, senior leadership requested a deeper dive on the topic.
  3. Does Your Team Know Who You Are as a Leader? Our chief spiritual officer, Ken Blanchard, shares what happens when people work for a Jekyll and Hyde boss. Then, in his inimitable way, he explains how creating a Leadership Point of ViewTM  can bring positive results to a tricky situation. A worthwhile read no matter how your leaders are perceived.
  4. Real Talk About Leading Hybrid Teams: Leading a hybrid/virtual team is different from leading an in-person one. Ask a leader now in this position. In this blog, Blanchard’s trust practice leader, Randy Conley, shares his 15 years of experience leading his own hybrid team. A timely read as the pandemic continues its unpredictable path.
  5. 3 Prerequisites for Earning the Right to Coach Others: The ability to coach is what separates highly effective managers from average ones, according to the Harvard Business Review. Madeleine Homan Blanchard, master certified coach and cofounder of Blanchard Coaching Services, elaborates on the three mindsets leaders must have before they can become an inspiring leader/coach.

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