A Formula for Doing the Impossible with Steven Kotler

Have you ever thought about how elite performers achieve their level of accomplishment? Steven Kotler has—and in his latest book, The Art of Impossible: A Peak Performance Primer, he shares what he has learned from decades of research into the exploration of human possibility.

Kotler believes everyone is capable of achieving the extraordinary, and he shares how to do just that in this inspirational book. He defines impossible in two ways. Capital I Impossible stands for paradigm-shifting breakthroughs, such as breaking the four-minute mile, moonshots, and the more recent Mars landing. Lowercase i impossible stands for the limitations we place on ourselves, such as thinking we can’t get that dream job, can’t change a living situation, or can’t overcome a challenge.

The fascinating truth is that both capital I and lowercase i impossibilities are quite possible to achieve by following the blueprint described in Kotler’s book. Devoting our time and efforts to achieving the lowercase i impossibilities can sometimes lead to accomplishing the capital I Impossibilities.

Kotler covers in detail the four skills that guide performance. He explains that motivation is the skill that gets us into the game, learning is what helps us continue to play; creativity is how we steer; and flow is how we turbo-boost the results beyond all rational standards and reasonable expectations. The Art of Impossible is filled with tips, techniques, tactics, and strategies along with a framework for tying everything together. Kotler even provides a checklist for daily and weekly activities.

So if you are committed to improving your performance, Kotler provides the playbook to guide your efforts. All you need to do is to follow his instructions and be ready and willing to do the work!

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