Virtual Training Tools and Templates with Cindy Huggett

If you are a member of the L&D community, undoubtedly you’ve been delivering virtual training this year—and you are probably looking for ways to improve the experience for yourself and your learners. Cindy Huggett’s book Virtual Training Tools and Templates: An Action Guide to Live Online Learning is filled with resources that you can use immediately.

A virtual training pioneer, Huggett wrote the book based on her own experiences creating virtual training over the past 20 years. In each chapter she presents an aspect of virtual learning and shares real-world examples and a series of worksheets, checklists, templates, and tips to help you prepare for every phase of designing and delivering your training.

Chapter 1 helps you define what virtual training means to your organization by guiding you through a four-step process she identifies as:

  1. Get started
  2. Get ready
  3. Get buy-in
  4. Get going

Remaining chapters guide you through selecting technology, designing content, developing activities, working with facilitators and producers, preparing participants for a successful learning experience, and evaluating results. Huggett has created an invaluable resource that will save time and provide the confidence you need to create virtual training that exceeds expectations.

To hear host Chad Gordon interview Cindy Huggett, listen to the LeaderChat podcast and subscribe today. For more information about Cindy Huggett, go to, or find her on Twitter: @cindyhugg.

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