Making the Digital Learning Shift with Leadership Development

Historically, leadership development has been the one “vertical” within traditional learning and development curriculums that was immune to digitalization. Training and workshops had to be face to face—or so the story was told.

But the nature of our workforce and operational constraints have forced a change for nearly every global organization—and when you overlay disruption at work (like what we are experiencing right now), you’ll find that the need for a fresh, modern approach to effective, human-centered digital leadership development experiences has never been so pressing.

Leaders and practitioners know that they need to change how learning happens, leadership development and beyond, but they don’t necessarily understand how to get from today to a tomorrow that is still human-centered and has measurable business impact.

As a solutions architect at Blanchard, one element of my job is to help our clients sort out the noise regarding platforms, access points, user experience, reinforcement and sustainment, while at the same time finding a way to blend content and digital into an experience that results in the type of leader people love to work for.

This means while designing with the helping hand of smart technologies, our experiences need to be undeniably human.

That’s our goal. We develop learning experiences that are deeply rooted to your leaders and learners: who they are, what they do, and when and how they work. And we build experiences that improve their awareness and capability and move the needle forward for your business.

Over the next two weeks we will showcase some of the ways you can bring digital offerings into your organization.

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Together, let’s bring a people-centered, digital approach to the leadership development space.

About the Author

Ann Rollins is a solutions architect with The Ken Blanchard Companies. A modern learning champion with more than 25 years of industry experience helping form and execute learning strategy for Fortune and Global 500 companies, Ann always has her eyes on the technology horizon. Her passion lies in helping clients sort out the learning angles and attainability of technology in workforce learning and performance to build future-forward, human-centered experiences.

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  1. Will these sessions be available for viewing later on after each session? Taking part as they occur would be great, but 9AM Pacific Daylight time is 3AM in Sydney…

  2. They’ll definitely be recorded. Go ahead and register and the recording will be made available after the session.

    Stay safe and we’re glad you’ll make time to check out our approach – exceptional leaders have never been more needed than they are right now!

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