A Look Inside the Latest Research: Ego, Power, and Implications for L&D

Scott Blanchard, bestselling business author and executive vice president with The Ken Blanchard Companies, will be sharing an insider’s look at the latest research on hiring, training, and developing leaders in an online event co-sponsored by Training magazine.

In the July issue of his company’s Ignite newsletter, Blanchard highlighted some of the key pieces of research he will be discussing and the implications for leadership, learning, and talent development professionals.

Encouraging and cultivating a person’s belief in their internal ability to positively influence their environment

Blanchard points to research done by hiring consultants at Hireology, which shows that a candidate with an internal locus of control has a 40% greater likelihood of success in a new role. Blanchard explains that people who work for a manager who is self-oriented and controlling will actually begin to doubt or set aside their belief in their ability to achieve successful outcomes.

The negative impact of “self-focused” versus “others-focused” leaders

If people experience overly controlling management, they have two choices says Blanchard, “They can perform because they have to, which is called controlled regulation; or they can just do the minimum to get by—that’s called amotivation.”

“Others-oriented managers support personal industriousness and reinforce a sense of personal accountability. When you engage in positive behaviors, you reinforce the notion of internal locus of control where you take responsibility for your own results. This leads to autonomous regulation—a high quality of motivation—where you perceive you’re doing something deeply connected to who you are and what’s important to you.”

Seeing leadership as a partnership

Others-oriented managers help instill that kind of meaning and accountability in their people, says Blanchard. “It’s about working side by side with people in a way that lets them grow into their autonomy. Managers who overtly control people squash or kill that initiative, which causes their direct reports to be less loyal, accountable, and motivated.”

You can read more about what Blanchard will be covering in the July issue of Ignite. Be sure to see the link to the upcoming July 19 webinar. The event is free, courtesy of Training magazine and The Ken Blanchard Companies.

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