6 Warning Signs Working with a Coach Might Not Be Right for You

Not everyone benefits from being coached. It is not a one-size-fits-all methodology—you need to have the right mindset. Here are six warning signs that working with a coach might not be right for you.

  1. If you believe others control your future
  2. If you hate to learn new things—especially about yourself
  3. If you believe you have all the answers
  4. If you believe feedback is a waste of time
  5. If you believe the coach is there to give you advice (that you wouldn’t want to take anyway)
  6. If you have been greatly successful without help from anyone else

However, if you are open to new ideas, are willing to try new things, and have an unshakeable belief in your ability to get better, a coach can help you take your first steps in a new direction. If this describes you—or someone you know—then don’t waste a minute. Find a coach who can help you along the way. A bigger life awaits you!

About the Author

Patricia OverlandPatricia Overland is a Coaching Solutions Partner with The Ken Blanchard Companies’ Coaching Services team.  Since 2000, Blanchard’s 150 coaches have worked with over 14,500 individuals in more than 250 companies throughout the world. Learn more at Blanchard Coaching Services.

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