21 Seeds of Trust – If You Don’t Sow It, You Can’t Grow It!

Building trust in the workplace is much like growing plants in a garden; you have to sow the seeds. If you don’t sow it, you can’t grow it.

It doesn’t matter how rich the soil is in your garden, how much sunlight it receives, or how often you water, if you don’t sow the seeds, you won’t have any plants. In your relationships at work, it doesn’t matter how educated you are, how much money you make, or how successful you are (by whatever standard you want to apply), if you don’t sow the seeds of trust then it won’t develop in your relationships.

Trust in relationships begins by demonstrating your trustworthiness. It’s that simple. It may sound like common-sense, but I can assure you, it isn’t common practice. To get you started, listed below are 21 seeds of trust. Sow these seeds of trust and you’ll reap a harvest of high-trust relationships in the workplace.

  1. Constantly learn, grow, and get better at what you do.
  2. Generously share your expertise with others.
  3. Develop self-awareness (emotional intelligence).
  4. Focus on doing the right thing and doing things right.
  5. Develop good problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  6. Admit mistakes.
  7. Make ethical choices.
  8. Make decisions in alignment with your personal values and those of the organization.
  9. Avoid gossip.
  10. Don’t play favorites.
  11. Tell the truth.
  12. Listen with the intent of being influenced.
  13. Be authentic and genuine.
  14. Accept feedback as a gift.
  15. Share credit with others.
  16. Keep your promises.
  17. Meet deadlines.
  18. Be on time.
  19. Respect and appreciate your co-workers.
  20. Praise the good work of others.
  21. Create win-win solutions.

Twenty-one simple seeds of trust. If you sow it, you can grow it!

What other seeds of trust would you recommend sowing? Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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Randy Conley is the Vice President of Client Services and Trust Practice Leader at The Ken Blanchard Companies. His LeaderChat posts appear the fourth or last Thursday of every month. For more insights on trust and leadership, visit Randy at his Leading with Trust blog or follow him on Twitter @RandyConley.

4 thoughts on “21 Seeds of Trust – If You Don’t Sow It, You Can’t Grow It!

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  2. This is great, Randy.

    I especially like that a lot of the tips here relate directly to “The Trust Equation” — developed by David Maister, Charles H. Green and Robert M. Galford.

    #1 learning and growing your skills and knowledge as a subject matter expert contributes directly to your credibility.

    #16 keeping your promises holds you up as a reliable partner.

    #12 learning to listen with empathy helps connect you to your team and clients, creating invaluable levels of intimacy.

    #15 sharing credit with others for their contribution keeps you humble and lowers your self-orientation.

    Thanks for sharing.

    h/t to Jamie Laura Veneris Arkin for the article reco.

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