Summer Reading for the Business Professional?  Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine,

There are always recommendations for best summer reading and the lists usually point to fiction best-sellers. 

Any suggestions for top business books? 

I love a good novel but I also want to keep developing my skills.

Business Minded


Dear Business Minded,

There are so many great development focused books out there. I wrote a series of four blog posts earlier this year identifying some of the best in four categories. Take a look at the links below.  I know you’ll find a title that will pique your interest and keep you growing!

9 Books About Coaching, Chosen by Coaches

I asked a select group of coaches their picks for the best books about coaching.



12 Books NOT About Coaching, Chosen by Coaches

I went out to my network again and asked people what books—not about coaching—have made the biggest difference for them as a coach.


8 Top Leadership Books, Chosen by Madeleine

My son was an intern at The Ken Blanchard Companies last summer when he asked me “What do you think is the best book on leadership?” Here’s the list that came out of that question.


7 Best Books on Neuroscience, Chosen by Madeleine

Neuroscience has entered the coaching and leadership development conversation in a big way. This is a short list of books that will help you get up to speed.


I think these great reads should get you through the summer! Please let me know your favorites!

Love, Madeleine

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