Ken Blanchard on Having Trust Conversations at Work

“I don’t trust you!” Trust is always an emotionally loaded topic. A new Building Trust program developed by The Ken Blanchard Companies helps create a framework for successfully navigating sensitive trust-related conversations.The program features a four-part assessment that allows a more objective look at what might be causing problems. Participants learn how to assess trust using an ABCD approach which breaks the larger issue of trust down into manageable chunks that can be addressed.

abcd-modelABLE–which includes having demonstrated knowledge, skills, and experience; a track record of accomplishment and achieving goals consistently; and good planning, problem-solving, and decision-making skills

BELIEVABLE–which means telling the truth, admitting when you’re wrong and keeping confidences–as well as walking the talk, treating people equitably and ensuring processes are fair

CONNECTED–this includes being kind, compassionate, and concerned with others’ well-being; sharing information; being receptive to feedback; listening well, and promoting a sense of connection and harmony

DEPENDABLE–which means consistently following through on commitments; keeping promises; holding yourself and others accountable; adhering to organizational policies and procedures, and anticipating others’ needs

Looking for a better way to discuss sensitive trust issues in your organization?  Be sure to listen to company founder Ken Blanchard sharing a personal story of how he used the ABCD model to address a trust issue he was facing.

6 thoughts on “Ken Blanchard on Having Trust Conversations at Work

  1. How timely in terms of trusting the new President. My personal opinion is that he fails measurably and miserably on all four assessments as defined. He is not able, not believable, not caring or committed to others and not dependable. “I don’t trust him” may be emotionally loaded for many but there is plenty of evidence that supports a position of lacking trust and that’s basic for any effective leadership.

    • Hi Jodi–right below the body copy in the post you will see the social sharing buttons–click on the LinkedIn icon to share via your network. Thanks for asking!

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