New eBook Encourages Managers to Develop Coaching Skills

Asian manager pointing at reminder while talking to colleague inRegular communication using coaching skills is essential for bringing out the best in people. A new eBook just published by The Ken Blanchard Companies identifies coaching as the single most important managerial competency that separates highly effective managers from average ones.

When leaders coach their people it has significant positive effects on employee development, performance, and productivity. (Source: Harvard Business Review, 2015)

And while most organizations recognize coaching as a necessary leadership capacity, nearly half of managers polled in a 2014 Conference Board study said they spend less than 10 percent of their time coaching others.

That’s a missed opportunity.  Blanchard research with over 1,800 workers across a wide variety of industries found that leaders who understand how to coach effectively have people who are more likely to:

  • Have high levels of trust
  • Have positive feelings about their job and the organization
  • Remain with the organization
  • Create positive buzz about the organization
  • Expend discretionary effort
  • Behave in ways that support the organization


The Blanchard eBook, Great Leaders Don’t Tell You What to Do—They Develop Your Capabilities, shares four essential coaching skills (Listen to Learn, Inquire for Insight, Tell Your Truth, and Express Confidence) together with a four-phased coaching process (Connect, Focus, Activate, and Review) that leaders can use to be more coach-like in their conversations.

The eBook is available for immediate download from the Blanchard website.  Also be sure to download Blanchard’s complete research report for access to in-depth results and analysis.

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