Getting Fired and Don’t Know What to Say? Ask Madeleine

bigstock-138181838Dear Madeleine,

I was hired five months ago by a local business. I had no experience in finance but my new boss assured me that he could teach me what I needed to know.

Five months have gone by and my boss has just told me that he doesn’t have time to train me after all, and he is going to let me go and hire someone who already has the skills he needs.

I don’t know what to tell people as I apply for my next job. Can you help me?

Cut Loose

Dear Cut Loose,

Tell the truth. You haven’t done anything wrong. Your former boss made an error and underestimated how much there was to teach you. It happens. Because he hired you with no skills or experience relevant to the job, he must have thought you had a lot to offer—so you have that going for you. You probably found a way to add some value in your five months, so focus on that.

I encourage you to reassess your actual skills and interests. I am curious as to how much effort you put into learning things on your own since you were hired. It is astonishing what is available on the internet—much of it free! So if you were not inclined to teach yourself, it’s possible that finance is not your sweet spot anyway. I think you are lucky you didn’t waste more than five months.

Good luck.

Love, Madeleine

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