Are You Coachable? 7 Attributes of an Ideal Coaching Participant

bigstock--143237255Coaching has definitely become mainstream. It seems as if high potential people in senior positions, at the mid-level, and even on the front lines in organizations have access to performance coaches these days.  But does that mean that all high performers are a good fit for coaching?

In their book Coaching in Organizations, master certified coaches Madeleine Homan Blanchard and Linda Miller devote a chapter to tips that help ensure a productive coaching relationship and also create a nurturing environment for the person being coached.

In addition to making sure the potential coachee has a clear understanding of what to expect from the coach as well as the coaching process, the authors recommend that anyone pursuing a coaching relationship have seven additional qualities.

Ever wonder if you would be a good candidate for coaching?  How would you score yourself in these seven areas?

  1. I am enthusiastic about the concept of continuous professional development and learning.
  2. I am willing and able to identify at least one key area in which I can commit to change.
  3. I am open to finding a minimum of one hour of company time per week to speak to my coach.
  4. I am willing to share openly about myself and my perceptions with someone outside the company.
  5. I am an early adopter of new ideas and behaviors.
  6. I see myself as a trailblazer, risk taker, or leader.
  7. I am fundamentally proud of working at my organization.

A successful coaching relationship is not something that should be entered into lightly.  A person being coached not only must have a clear sense of what is to be gained from the investment of time, but also must be prepared to enter into a full partnership with their coach.

So—are you coachable?  Would you add any other characteristics/statements to this list? Use the comments section below!

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