Ask Madeleine: The Top Five of 2015

Ask Madeleine is on holiday break this week.  Coaching expert Madeleine Blanchard will return to answer a new set of questions about workplace challenges on January 2.  In case you missed them, here are the five most viewed questions Madeleine answered in 2015.

Bad Boss#5.  My Boss Is a Jerk

Dear Madeleine, My boss is a total jerk. I don’t know how else to say it. He obviously doesn’t like me or respect me. The problem is, I really love my job. I am good at it and have great relationships with my direct reports…

Manager pulling stubborn team elephant#4.  Help! I Inherited My Team 

Dear Madeleine, I am at my wits’ end. I worked hard in college and graduate school and have what some people might call a “Type A” personality. I take on a lot, I work really hard and I complete my work by the agreed-upon deadline…

Tired woman in front of computer#3.  I Don’t Think I Really Want to Be a Manager

Dear Madeleine, I think I have made a big mistake. I have been a manager for about five years. At first I enjoyed the challenge, and I have worked hard to become a really good manager. I get good reviews from my people and excellent performance reviews from my boss…

Declining or deteriorating Performance#2. What Do I Do With A Good Employee Whose Performance Is Deteriorating?

Dear Madeleine, I have an excellent employee who has been working for me for over three years. She has always had a good attitude and she meets her deadlines, turns out reliable work product, and gets along with others—truly a model employee…

Hand Writing Fired On Black Chalkboard#1. What if My Boss REALLY IS Trying to Get Rid of Me?

Dear Readers, I got so much mail about my last post, I Think My Boss is Trying to Get Rid of Me, that I want to address the essence of the comments, which is: What if it’s actually true?

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Madeleine Blanchard

Madeleine Homan-Blanchard is a master certified coach, author, speaker, and cofounder of Blanchard Coaching Services. Madeleine’s Advice for the Well Intentioned Manager is a regular Saturday feature for a very select group: well intentioned managers. Leadership is hard—and the more you care, the harder it gets. Join us here each week for insight, resources, and conversation.

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