The 3 Secrets of The NEW One Minute Manager

The New One Minute Manager book coverOn May 5, HarperCollins will release The New One Minute Manager, a new book based on the 1982 business classic co-authored by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson.  Recognizing that the world has changed dramatically since their best-selling The One Minute Manager was published, the authors wanted to create a book for a next generation of leaders.

As co-author Ken Blanchard explains in an article for Ignite!, “When The One Minute Manager came out, the early 1980s leadership was really command-and-control. The One Minute Manager was in charge. He set the goals. He decided who to praise. He decided who to reprimand. Today, leadership is much more side-by-side. In The New One Minute Manager, leadership is much more of a partnership.”

Created as a fun, easy-to-read parable, the heart and soul of the new book are three One Minute Secrets that make a big difference in helping people succeed.

The First Secret: One Minute Goals

“There are three parts to managing people’s performance,” says Blanchard, “planning, coaching, and evaluation. In so many organizations, managers spend all of their time in evaluation. If people do have goals, they are usually set at the beginning of the year and then filed away.

“In The New One Minute Manager we say that no, you need to keep goals front and center so you can look at them continually to see if your behavior is matching your goal. And if it isn’t, then you change it.”

The Second Secret: One Minute Praisings

As Spencer Johnson explains, “The power behind The One Minute Praising is caring. When you care about another person’s well-being, then take the time to notice when they’re doing something right and comment on it, people appreciate it. The key is to be honest. Don’t praise to flatter. Just take a moment to comment on something they have done that you value.”

The Third Secret: One Minute Re-Directs

One of the most dramatic changes in the new book is that the One Minute Reprimand is now the One Minute Re-Direct. As Ken Blanchard shares, “The difference between a reprimand and redirection is whether a person is a learner or not. A Reprimand is for when a person knows better than what they are doing. A Re-Direct is for a person who is a learner. Today, with the constant need for skill development, everyone is learner.”

Got a Minute?

The book’s practical, action-oriented model has been designed to inspire a new generation. You can read more in the feature article, A Minute Can Change Everything.  To learn more about The New One Minute Manager and download the first chapter, visit the book’s special pre-release website.

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