Exclusive Interview – Santa Reveals His Leadership Secrets!

santaEach year Santa grants me an exclusive interview where he likes to share nuggets of his leadership wisdom. Over the years he’s talked about building high performing teams, delegation, and motivation. This year’s meeting was more of a conversation rather than an interview, and Santa took the time to riff on some of his favorite leadership practices. Santa’s leadership secrets are italicized for emphasis.

Me: Thank you, Santa, for taking the time to meet with me. You must be exhausted getting ready for Christmas Eve.

Santa: Ho, ho, ho! It’s my pleasure Randy! I’m not exhausted, I’m energized! I love the work I do and consider myself blessed to be able to bring happiness and joy to so many people.

Me: You are one of the most trusted and revered leaders in history. Why do you think that is so?

Santa: Well, I’m humbled by that compliment. I believe a large part of it has to do with my dependability. In all my years I’ve never missed a Christmas delivery. I know that millions of young boys and girls are relying on me to bring them gifts and I never want to disappoint them. If you want people to trust you, you have to be reliable and follow through on your commitments.

Me: How in the world do you manage to make all your deliveries in a single night?

Santa: I can’t reveal all my secrets, otherwise FedEx and UPS might give me a run for my money! Let’s just say that I have to be extremely organized. Any successful leader knows that you must have a clear plan of action. It’s a cliché, but it’s true: People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan. I maintain trust with kids and parents by being organized and methodical in my approach to work. It helps me stay on track.

Me: I’ve heard that you keep a list, you check it twice, and you know who’s been naughty or nice. Is that true? Why do you do that?

Santa: Of course it’s true! In leadership terms I consider it my way of “managing performance.” I like to stay in touch with how all the girls and boys are behaving and I think it helps them stay on their best behavior if they know there are consequences for their actions. The parents are the front-line “supervisors” in charge of their kids, so they send me regular reports about how things are going. I partner with the parents to help them set clear goals for their children so the kids know exactly what’s expected of them.It’s not fair to evaluate someone’s performance if they didn’t have defined goals in the first place.

Me: How do you keep all the elves motivated to work throughout the year?

Santa: I have the best team in the world! I’ve always tried to help the elves realize the importance of the work they do. They aren’t robots who work on an assembly line. They are fine craftsmen who are bringing the dreams of kids to life and that’s a very meaningful job. I also look for opportunities to praise their performance and encourage them to praise each other’s performance as well. It’s creates an environment in our workshop where we cheer each other on to greater success. Finally, I put them in charge of achieving the goal. I make sure they are sufficiently trained to do their particular job and then I get out of their way. The elves have a great degree of autonomy to do their work as they see fit.

Me: Santa, I know you’re tired and eager to get back to the North Pole and Mrs. Claus, so I’ll ask this one final question. If you could give one piece of advice to leaders reading this article, what would it be?

Santa: I would encourage leaders to remember the purpose of their position – to serve those they lead. Leaders set the vision and direction for their team, provide the necessary resources and training, and then look for ways to support their team members in achieving their goals. Successful leaders remember that the most important thing they have is their integrity and the trust they hold with their followers, and they continually look for ways to build and maintain trust with others. If they focus on that, they’ll be successful in the long run.

Randy Conley is the V.P. of Client Services and Trust Practice Leader at The Ken Blanchard Companies and his LeaderChat posts normally appear the fourth or last Thursday of every month. For more insights on trust and leadership, visit Randy at his Leading with Trust blog or follow him on Twitter @RandyConley.

7 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview – Santa Reveals His Leadership Secrets!

  1. You are a genius to get an interview from Santa this time of year. I think another sign of a great leader is to take the time for discussion; as Santa did in this interview.

    • Thank you Glendon! You are right, Santa, like all good leaders, always has time for people. He understands that people are more important than tasks.

      Happy holidays!


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    I was waiting for a client at her business the other day. When she walked into her own office, she walked straight out again. “Which of you elves has just cleaned this room?” she asked the three young woman behind the counter. One of them blushed and she thanked her profusely and genuinely for her thoughtfulness. As we were walking towards our meeting venue I thought about how much give and take there is in our daily work lives and how, in the ideal work place, people’s acts of service create a chain reaction of kindness – a perpetual paying it forward. What is the chain of kindness you want to put into motion today? Posted by Juliette Gyure, change management and transition coach.

  3. Santa is a busy guy this time of year. I impressed you could land such an important interview. Santa is one of the most important leaders as he has the ability to influence so many young future leaders.

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