Cultivating Employee Work Passion: The New Rules of Engagement

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Best-selling author and consultant Scott Blanchard will be sharing the results of five years of primary research which uncovers the motivational factors that bring out the natural motivation inherent in people, get employees up-to-speed quickly in new roles, and remove roadblocks to performance.

The webinar is free and seats are still available if you would like to join over 1,100 people expected to participate. Immediately after the webinar, Scott will be answering follow-up questions here at LeaderChat for about 30 minutes. To participate in the follow-up discussion, use these simple instructions.

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30 thoughts on “Cultivating Employee Work Passion: The New Rules of Engagement

    • when there is new management it is the perfect time to address morale isues through resetting a vision, communicating new or revised value and deploying new strategies in the business. Often new leaders come in too hard and fast and start cuutting rather than finding ways to “get a fresh start”.

  1. This was wonderful. Thank you for your time and offering this webinar. I believe there were one or two books mentioned, or perhaps chapters in books regarding the non-profit and government sector? If so, could you please provide that information.

  2. If upper management doesn’t yet see the value in investing in employee satisfaction/passion how do I as a middle manager encourage a safe environment to increase employee engagement?

    • you can always work down below you in the hierarchy. Establish a clear vision for your group, clarify values and strategies and work to create a “pocket of excellence ” for those you lead. If you do you will achieve a better environement and perfromance and this may get noticed above. Either way you and your people will have a more rewarding expereience.

  3. Hi Everyone,
    Scott and I are here now and ready to answer questions that we didn’t get to during the webinar–if you have a question for Scott, just type it in. Also, be sure to see the email function on the right side of the blog–feel free to use that link to receive email when a new post is made here at LeaderChat.

  4. Hi Scott, i listened your conversation and i should say that it was great, thank you. I wonder that how you define “being safe”. You said feelings are very important, can you give some real examples that force employee to “feel safe”? Thank you.

    • “Safety” is an important concept. we call it out as “sense of well being” it is a conclusion peolpe make, often unconsiously that they are valued, safe and free from harm. here is an example. In a recent cleint, we worked with a call certer. THe call center reps who were most passionate beleived that their missionor job was to serve the customers and make them happy. They also felt “that thier supervisors had their back, meaning that whatever decision they would make in the heat of the moment would be supported by their supervisor.

      Feeling safe is subjective, as are all feeling and it is the foundation for high levels of engagement, passion and success

      • Some managers think that if the employees feel all safe, in the long run, because of being a ‘human’, they may use that for your own good, may misuse it. So a little fear is also needed. What is your opinion about that? Does this safety have no border?

        If I turn to your example; haven’t they misinform the customer just to make happy, by thinking that whatever they promise to customer the supervisor will support them against the C level?
        This may cause bad reputation for the company.

  5. I work for a federal government agency and would like information regarding ways to improve in this sector. The 2011 Federal Employee Satisfaction survey has just been released. My parent agency didn’t score highly.

    Many thanks for the wonderful presentation and information!

  6. This was a wonderful webinar packed with information that I am excited about taking back to my department. Please share any/all whitepapers that might be available on the topics we heard today.

  7. I just sent an message to the email on the screen:
    Asking for any additional resource materials from today’s session and it was returned….could you forward any of them to me at this email please?

  8. How do you engage people in company’s goals when their motivation factor is money, high pay, bonus, and promotions?

  9. How do you engage your employees when they get a low rating after an evaluation? Due to the bell curve system that our company follow, a low rating impacts their bonus, and salary increase. For most employees, more money and bonus are the only factors to keep them motivated.

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