What's Your Sign?

Well, it’s September. For many, this means it’s time to prepare and plan for the big Labor Day weekend. To you, I say have fun and be safe.
For me, the arrival of September means that another birthday is near.  Don’t worry, I’m not looking for gifts. No, I tell you this because being a September baby means that I am a Virgo.
For most of my life I paid very little attention to astrology. But the older I’ve grown, the more open-minded I’ve become. And the funny realization is that I REALLY am a Virgo. Seriously. If you want to know what I’m like, just go to the Virgo Wikipedia page and read the key characteristics and definitions section. I find it a bit frightening how dead-on accurate it is.
What I’m also finding is that with each year that passes, I’m getting to know and understand myself better. In years past, I might not have been able to honestly assess who I truly am or what I am truly about. For instance, when I was younger and more immature, I would embrace and embellish Virgo’s positive qualities while completely dismissing or denying the negative qualities. I could always identify my strengths but did not want to see or admit to having weaknesses.
Today? I see the value in leveraging my strengths while also being aware of my weaknesses, and seeing them as growth opportunities. For example, I openly admit and acknowledge that I am overly sensitive to criticism. And, I also openly admit and acknowledge that I am a perfectionist to a fault. That said, I am able to recognize these as areas for personal and professional development.
To be the best you possible, it’s important that you know yourself. If astrology isn’t your thing, or even if it is, there are a number of personal assessments and resources out there to further help you get to know yourself better.
So, what’s your sign? Does it accurately represent you?

2 thoughts on “What's Your Sign?

  1. I´m a Cancer, and I´m always trying to know me better, everyday, and in order to do that I need to DO things, and relate to things and people, the more I do that, the better I know myself, and it´s been GREAT.
    I can´t complain about myself, but my flwas, I´m still working them, nice article!

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