6 Keys to Creating Learning Experiences that Inspire and Engage

Join The Ken Blanchard Companies for a complimentary webinar and online chat beginning today at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time (12:00 noon Eastern).  Dr. Vicki Halsey, author of Brilliance By Design will be discussing learning and application strategies for leaders in a special presentation on 6 Keys to Creating Learning Experiences that Inspire and Engage.

The webinar is free and seats are still available if you would like to join over 600 people expected to participate.

Immediately after the webinar, Vicki will be answering follow-up questions here at LeaderChat for about 30 minutes.  To participate in the follow-up discussion, use these simple instructions.

 Instructions for Participating in the Online Chat

  • Click on the LEAVE A COMMENT link above
  • Type in your question

It’s as easy as that!  Vicki will answer as many questions as possible in the order they are received.  Be sure to press F5 to refresh your screen occasionally to see the latest responses.

We hope you can join us later today for this special complimentary event courtesy of Cisco WebEx and The Ken Blanchard Companies.

Now posted! View recording of 6 Keys to Creating Learning Experiences that Inspire and Engage

15 thoughts on “6 Keys to Creating Learning Experiences that Inspire and Engage

    • Hey David and others..so excited you are here and please ask any questions you might want to ask OR share YOUR brilliance?

    • They are amazing! especially if the webinar follows the ENGAGE model and has active participation. I need boot camp btw

    • With mentor programs, often mentors TELL people what to do vs teach them…by partnering them with individuals who are superstars in the field or task the mentee is wanting to learn. The goal is to be sure the mentee is seeing the best practice, practicing it with the guidance of the mentor, and mindfully raising their level of ability.

  1. Hi Vicki–here’s a question from the webinar: How do you celebrate when you are working with outside clients instead of conducting internal training? Is it still appropriate?

    • You help THEM see how much they learned by actually having them review what they heard, learned, etc.. or you can say I just want to be sure you got this and have them do a fun activity. People love learningand realizing how much they learned. A salesperson might gently recap what their thoughts were so as to be sure the customer can actually DO what will help them use the product.

  2. Another question from the webinar: How do you teach people something that you do not personally know how to do? Any thoughts on how to approach this?

  3. Hi Vicki, just wanted to say thanks for the webinar. Great application of adult learning principles in your training. I’m in higher ed, involved in training future scientists. It’s amazing that so many faculty members (great scientists) never learned how to teach, except via OJT. Faculty development efforts often don’t reach those who need it the most. I ordered a copy of your book by the way! 🙂 Thanks again. Wayne

    • Hi Wayne–So excited to hear from you. Faculty in Universities were one of my target audiences as they know so much about their content, but have never been taught to teach and are often disappointed in the student progress or innovativeness (is that a word??) The lack of interactivity is creating apathetic students AND demoralizing professors. You rock!! Please share this with as many people as you can and thanks again. Vicki

  4. Hi dear professor,

    I was wondering if you could send me some articles or books related to your impressive topic ” six keys to creating learning experience that inspire and engage”.
    I am really interested in this topic and I woukd like to know more about it.

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