Blanchard Webinar Series – Ken Blanchard on Leading with LUV

Ken Blanchard and Southwest Airlines president emeritus Colleen Barrett present an extraordinary, wide-ranging conversation on the leadership secrets that have propelled Southwest Airlines and other great companies to unprecedented business success. Drawing from their new book, Lead with LUV, these two legendary leaders will share what “leading with love” means, why it works, and how it can help you achieve unprecedented business performance.

Participants will learn:

  • What “leading with love” looks like in an organizational context
  • Love in action: what leaders need to do to make it work
  • “Tough love” and redirection—how to handle inappropriate behavior or performance
  • Love and culture—building the right vision and helping people succeed in the long term

The complete webinar can be viewed for free by visiting

5 thoughts on “Blanchard Webinar Series – Ken Blanchard on Leading with LUV

  1. Ken, this a great video. I try to recognize my staff. But sometimes in a team, there is a single superstar who shines far more often. I wonder if recognizing this one person repeatedly would have unintended consequences such as envy or low morale for others who are also good, but just not as good as the superstar!

  2. Helpful. Great vision that could really help society leap forward. What I see here is a connection between finacial sustainability (read capitalism that is not the greed model) and right relationships (love that is not purely charity.)

  3. This was an excellent presentation and reconfirmed the importance of being an “authentic” leader which I learned @ Penn State while going for my master’s degree in leadership development. Colleen is a true example of this type of leader and I completely agree with her approach in leading her team. People should always be respected and valued for their contributions. Southwest has reaped the benefits of their culture which has been articulated and demonstrated from their executive leadership team. Thank you for your insights and valuable tips!

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  5. Ken
    It’s Steve St. John…I don’t know if you remember me or not but I am in Chicago and
    our group was there in the beginning with you and Spencer, and the OMM. We conducted the workshops in Chicago and spread the word…A lot has happened since then and after a brief journey outside the industry and into real estate I have returned and am working on a piece of work that is inspired, like most of the things in my life, by you and my association with you and your leadership theories. I would like you to call me and discuss my work and see if we might have one more chance before it “All goes back in the box” to enjoy another successful union. I believe there is an absolute necessity to bringing back the basics of OMM joined with some of what I have found to be mentioned but not managed.
    At any rate I want you to know what a positive influence you have been to me and to those I
    have touched as a result. Hope to hear from you. 678-549-9331 or 630-920-8756
    Kindest Regards, God bless you. Steve St. John

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