Failure Brings Inspiration

It takes a lot in a video to inspire me, but in this case, I felt I needed to share this with our readers because of the impact it had on me personally. My take-away from this video is that it’s better to help others succeed, rather than ridiculing them for failure.  It can be a heart-warming thing to witness.
Below is a clip of an 8 year-old girl singing the National Anthem at a hockey game.  Things start off pretty normal, until partially through the Anthem, her microphone cuts out.  I’ve seen this before with other sporting events, but it usually ends with the crowd laughing, booing, or a combination of both.  Instead, the crowd picks up where the microphone cut out and continues to sing with the girl until the end. 
To top it off, almost the entire crowd begins singing like a choir, without needing a nudge from a select few brave individuals to start singing first before inspiring others to do so.
This can serve as a reminder to all of us that we can help others around us accomplish their tasks if we see that they’re struggling, rather than letting them fail.

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