America’s Reset Button for the Next 10 Years

We close the pages on the first decade of this millennium, and it’s now time to open the next chapter, starting with 2011.  For many Americans, we’ve been hit with a wave of issues: the worst attack on American soil, the start of 2 wars, a housing bubble collapse, a rough economy, high unemployment, a shifting of global influence, and the list keeps going. 
As these last 10 years draw to a close, we look to the future with many problems still staring us in the face.  It’s going to require sacrifice from all of us, and we’re each going to have a hand in coming up with solutions.
More importantly, it’s going to require a fundamental change in leadership in all levels of infrastructure.  We can no longer afford to look out for only our own best interests without watching out for the people we lead.  Most of the best solutions come from our people, and not us.  These problems are going to require a servant attitude to get the best from our people, meaning that we serve those we lead, and not the other way around.
As I personally say goodbye to 2010, I ask that all of us have a hand in pushing America’s reset button.  Yes, we’ve taken our fair share of punches this last decade, but now is our time to shine. 
“The American dream is dead.” – Do we want to believe that, or can we show the doubters that the American dream is still very much alive?
When you wake up the morning of January 1st, 2011, remember this one principle: Serve those you lead. 
Your people will reward you with better performance, better solutions, and more loyalty. 
Have a safe and wonderful New Year’s!

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