The Game Is In US

Did you happen to watch the World Cup this year? If so, did you learn anything? If you didn’t, you missed out on an incredible opportunity. Aside from the amazing action, there were countless back stories that provided valuable insight and understanding into the cultures of the different countries. Regardless of whether you like soccer or not, the “beautiful game” is the “world’s game.” And if you are currently doing business globally, or have aspirations of doing business globally, being able to speak and understand the “global language” is an outstanding way to connect and build relationships with your partners across the world.
Looking for a way to quickly break the ice and impress that prospective new client in Brazil? Unfortunately, the New York Giants “football” club won’t do you any favors. Instead, try mentioning the 100-year anniversary of Corinthians and their fan base of 30 million (yes, 30 MILLION) die hard supporters. On the other hand, if he mentions his team is Santos than you can always help him celebrate Neymar’s decision to reject Chelsea. If you have no idea what I’m talking about it’s time to get a clue. Believe it or not, I actually used these same topics to successfully build a relationship with a business colleague in Brazil.
But if you don’t believe me, perhaps you’ll listen to Morgan Freeman. The following was posted yesterday on the blog. When you’re done, take a moment to join the one million plus supporters and help bring the World Cup, and it’s economic and cultural benefits, to the United States.
Earlier today, Morgan Freeman sent an email to the more than one million supporters of the US Bid for the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup™ to announce GoUSABid’s newest video. Freeman, a member of the bid committee, narrated the inspirational video to show FIFA the power of soccer in America.
Please take a look at the touching email Morgan Freeman sent and the video he narrated:

I am proud to lend my voice to this remarkable effort to bring the FIFA World Cup™ to the United States.
Soccer is the world’s Game, its beauty and simplicity embraced by people in every corner of the globe. I have seen the Game’s power to bring people together, to stoke their passion, to realize their dreams.
Together, you and I and more than 100 million World Cup fans throughout the United States are showing the world that we’re passionate about bringing the World Cup to our country.
Together, we’re living proof of the power of soccer.
The Game is in me, the Game is in you — the Game is in US.
— Morgan Freeman

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