The Manager’s Tool Kit: Listening and Feedback–join us today for a complimentary webinar!

Join The Ken Blanchard Companies for a special complimentary webinar and online chat beginning today at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time (12:00 noon Eastern).  Best-selling author and consultant Dr. Vicki Halsey will be sharing strategies for managers looking to improve their feedback and listening skills. The webinar is free and seats are still available if you would like to join over 1,000 people expected to participate.

Immediately after the webinar, Dr. Halsey will be answering follow-up questions here at LeaderChat for about 30 minutes.  To participate in the follow-up discussion, use these simple instructions. 

Instructions for Participating in the Online Chat 

  1. Click on the LEAVE A COMMENT link above
  2. Type in your question

It’s as easy as that!  Dr. Halsey will answer as many questions as possible in the order they are received.  Be sure to press F5 to refresh your screen occasionally to see the latest responses. 

We hope you can join us later today for this special complimentary event courtesy of Cisco WebEx and The Ken Blanchard Companies.  Click here for more information on participating.

19 thoughts on “The Manager’s Tool Kit: Listening and Feedback–join us today for a complimentary webinar!

  1. The listening & feedback webinar was excellent. It would be helpful to me to have the “script” for the examples that you used so that I can practice getting the “tone” of my feedback consistent with my intent.
    Is it possible to get the sript of the examples you used along with the slides that I understand will come via email later?

    Thanks so much. Great session today.

    Nelda Murri
    Chief of Pharmacy
    Walla Walla VAMC
    (509) 525-5200 ext 26282

  2. what do you do if you dont get the results you were looking for after providing feedback? Is it the delivery, the receiver’s skills or both?

    • Great question. It could be both. I would check in with the person you are giving feedback to. Be sure it is on a clear standard/goal, and remember that occasionally if you have been clear and specific, the goal is specific and you have tried to develop them and they are just not able, they might be in the wrong position

  3. Vicki, as always this was amazing. Thank you for the invitation. After many years of assorted trainings I was astonished at some of the topics you touched on that had never been addressed.

    • You really need to be sure you schedule time, eliminate distractions in your office, listen to the tone of voice, and be sure you are still clear about behavior, and it’s impact on you and the need for a certain level of performance-hope this helps

  4. Thank you, Vicki & David for adding value to my day. I will be reviewing the session and slides to reinforce the lessons learned today.

    During the talk Vicki mentioned an article on “Leadership & Neuro-Science” but I missed the author’s name. Will you please provide that here?

  5. there were some questions regarding managers with virtual workforce- any tips on how best to provide feedback to them and listen to them. I call my folks so they do know that when I call, it doesn’t mean something bad but they have an interim level manager between them and myself. this leaves the door open for them to discuss anything on their mind. but I just wondered if Vicki had any other ideas.

    • HI Bobbi–check out what I said to Paul and I think your relationship is built over time and if you consistently praise, notice the good they are doing as well as focus on making them successful, they will enjoy knowing your will call

  6. There are some managers in one of my remote offices that would benefit from this information. Could I send them a link to the recording once I get it?

    • Hi Sylvia–yes, you will receive a link to the recording automatically as a participant in today’s event. Please feel free to share the recording link with others in your organization.

  7. Hi everyone, thanks for all the great chats today –it is so great to picture over 1000 people out there listening and giving and receiving feedback and making people feel important while thriving at work and in live. Keep up the good work and if you want to review the webinar, it will be up on on Monday –If you have any questions about specific situations in your organization, send an email to : and your question will be forwarded to me. Take care of you, Vicki

  8. In the presentation today yuo mentioned that Interesting work was number one in a recent survey and full appreaciation was number two for motivating and engaging people. In interesting in where you found that survey, the last survey that I have has interetsing work listed as number five.


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