“Fear-Soaked Leadership”

Are you or the employees that report to you fearful in the workplace?  Businessweek author Liz Ryan, who writes about both leadership and the younger generations of workers, wrote an article that brings up ten signs that indicate you might be working in a fearful environment.
Fear has spread through various businesses since the economic recession began.  However, Liz’s signs of fear-based workplaces indicate if our own companies incubate fear.  As younger and/or newer leaders, it’s not always easy to see if our own direct reports are fearful.
What’s interesting is that Liz points out that the fear starts with the leadership team, and trickles down through the rest of the company.  As leaders, this article gives us great information as far as what to look out for in our own environments, along with a starting point to begin correcting some of these issues. 
As Liz writes, “Chief executives know in their hearts that smart people, set loose to solve big problems, are responsible for every success and innovation industry has ever seen. Fear-trampled employees don’t do a thing for your business.”
Take a look at this great article here.

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