Catching People Doing Things Right Twitter Contest

Yesterday we kicked off a special year-end Twitter contest to help recognize people doing things right.  Between now and Friday morning at 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time, we will be giving away copies of a personally autographed Ken Blanchard book to one lucky person each day from among the people nominated during the previous day.

If you’d like to catch someone doing things right—and possibly win them a personally autographed copy of a Ken Blanchard book—just send us your nominee’s name along with a short (140-characters or less) description of why you’re nominating them. We’ll automatically enter them into our daily drawing.  Be sure to add @leaderchat in your tweet so we can track your nomination.

Here are some examples from yesterday:

@leaderchat recognize Cara Garlock for all she does as our admin to keep us grooving

@leaderchat Janet Powers @divatoolbox for creating the powerful radio network and women’s resource website.

@leaderchat David Means –Thank you for all your work at Horizon House. It’s really paying off!

Recognition is important. Who do you know that deserves to be recognized for a job well done?  We’d like to help you let the world know here at LeaderChat.  Winners will be announced tomorrow and Friday at 6:00 a.m. and contacted directly so they can choose the book they would like to receive.

Today’s Winner!

Congratulations to Keith Hayward of Dillanos Coffee Roasters for being our first winner of a personally autographed book by Ken Blanchard.  Keith was nominated by Dillanos CEO David Morris for “going the extra mile for a last minute trip to Alaska to take care of a customer.”

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