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This Saturday, October 24 is Make A Difference Day.  Created by USA WEEKEND Magazine 19 years ago, Make A Difference Day is an annual event that encourages individuals and organizations to volunteer time to helping others in the community. In his recent post at Ken Blanchard is encouraging everyone participating in this weekend’s event to share a story about some of the ways they are making a difference. 

To learn more about this event, check out the Make A Difference Day website.  And if you want to help, but aren’t sure how to get started, be sure to check out the Idea Generator.  It’s an online tool that will help you brainstorm ways your company can help your community. Here are some of the ideas that the Idea Generator created for an organization like The Ken Blanchard Companies. 

  • SELF-CLEANING COMMUNITY: In San Marcos, Calif., more than 500 San Diego County residents — representing 20 organizations — carted away 12 tons of debris from six square blocks in the Richmar neighborhood and accomplished dozens of beautification projects. The city supplied hand tools, trucks and dumpsters, while businesses donated plants and landscaping supplies.
  • OFFER LEGAL ADVICE: 18 Reno, Nev., lawyers set up a booth at a mall and gave out free legal advice to 66 people on everything from family law, wills and bankruptcy to grandparents’ rights.
  • REPAIR CARS: The Dodge-Chrysler-Plymouth dealer in Vacaville, Calif., gave a used van and repaired a second one belonging to the local Salvation Army for free. The dealership and its employees returned the vans packed with donated food and clothing.
  • SHOW KIDS YOU CARE: Employees of the Wilkes-Barre State Farm Insurance Auto Claims Office in Pennsylvania made a meal and Halloween treat bags for residents of the Domestic Violence Service Center.
  • FOCUS ON YOUR ENVIRONMENT: Five employees of PhotoFast picked up trash in downtown Oroville, Calif.
  • USE YOUR NUMBERS: Hundreds of AT&T employees in five states rolled up their sleeves and rebuilt shelters, cleaned parks, prepared food and entertained disadvantaged children.

What are some of the ways your organization can make a difference?  Make A Difference Day is a great way to get started, but as Ken reminds us in his post, making a difference doesn’t have to be this Saturday only—each of us can make a difference every day.

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  1. Wonderful initiative. Serving others builds a better spirit, trust and hope. You become more optimistic and comunitty will be a better environment. Thanks for that.

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