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Congratulations to Patti Breckenridge of Tampa, Florida and Lee Wise of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania who were announced yesterday as the winners in our Twitter contest to help identify today’s top leaders.  Both Patti and Lee will be receiving a gift pack of 7 of Ken Blanchard’s best books, including best-sellers together with some of Ken’s newest releases.

It’s been a great week devoted to identifying all of the wonderful leaders around us today and to explore some of the traits that make them special.  We’ve looked at the people who push the edges, inspire us, and lead us to places we may not have been able to get to on our own.

We also looked at a special group of people who we called the unsung hero, or the everyday leader.  These are the people who may not be household names, but who have had a powerful positive influence on our lives.  Here are a couple of more unsung hero/leader nominations from Ken Blanchard’s Twitter page that I wanted to share:

  • My favorite leader as a coach: my mother-she understands me, keeps me grounded, pushes, backs-up.
  • Innovation, courage, and caring make 8th grade science teacher Sandy Willmore my choice for Top Leader.
  • My unsung hero is my cousin Chris an army helicopter pilot who will be leaving for Afghanistan.
  • Susan Baldwin. For maintaining relationships with previous employees to use for training and back-up.
  • This may sound like a cliché, but my boss is one of the best leaders I have ever met. He never has to ask for respect.

If you haven’t had a chance to see everyone who was nominated, go over to and type @kenblanchard in the search box.  You’ll see everyone who was recognized.  Thanks again to everyone who participated over this past week.

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  1. Hi,

    Just a short not to thank Ken and the team for the gifts on their way: both a nice surprise and a big encouragement!

    And, btw, I was interacting with someone last evening and recommended the Lead Like Jesus site to them.

    I appreciate your positive impact in the world!

    May you and those you love have a wonderful week,


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