Live Chat on Managing and Developing People to Be Their Best

Join Dr. Vicki Halsey of The Ken Blanchard Companies for a live, online chat today at 10:05 a.m. Pacific Time.  Halsey, best-selling author and management consultant, will be answering questions immediately after her webinar on Managing and Developing People to Be Their Best.

To participate in the online discussion, stop by  beginning at 10:05 a.m. Pacific Time. Try to arrive early because it may be crowded–over 1,200 people have registered for the event!

Instructions for Participating in the Online Chat

If you have a question that you would like to ask Dr. Halsey, just click on the COMMENTS link above.  Then post your question and push SUBMIT COMMENT.  Vicki will answer as many questions as possible during the 30-minute online Q&A.  (Be sure to press F5 to refresh your screen occasionally to see the latest responses.)

If you can’t stay for the entire 30-minute chat, but would like to see all of the questions and responses, you can always stop by later.  You can also click on the RSS FEED button in the right-hand column to receive updates automatically through email.

12 thoughts on “Live Chat on Managing and Developing People to Be Their Best

  1. Hi Guys,
    Great presentation!

    I was hoping to follow up a question I had that we didn’t get time to get on to.

    I was wondering if it possible that people consider or think they themselves are a different development level? ie a new mature member of staff is actually a D1 but due to his experience in other teams, they considers themselves to be a D3 or D4?
    Thanks again,


    • Hi are so right. It is so important to have people realize that development level is task specific..not a general label. By sharing this model and sharing that the best people in any organization are constantly learning, you may be able to help them acknowledge their learner status.

  2. Hi Vicki,
    Here’s a question from the webinar: Can you ask direct reports what development level they think that they are at–or as a manager should you diagnose on your own?

    • Absolutely. That is the best as you find out their thoughts and have a conversation about the specific goal and their demonstrated competence on that task. I also think you can have diagnosis first by thinking *what is the task or goal, *Has he or she done it before successfully, could he or she teach soeone you arrive at common ground and do your best thinking.

    • Oh yes..all the time. We are rushing around and when someone passes us a task or goal, we think Great..i will get it done. (so you think you are a D3,or D4) and it isn’t until you go to do the task that you may realizes that you have NO idea how to actually DO that particular task. As managers we need to slow down initially and be sure people are clear about what they are taking on and how to get started if they DO need help.

  3. Another question from the webinar: I know that you shouldn’t reprimand people in front of others, but what about recognizing people for positive things in front of others? Is that okay?

    • That is perfect. Not only do you help the person feel great (remember to be specific about what they did, and the impact on the organization) but you also make a picture for others about what an optimal job looks like. Do remember to ask people the question, “How would YOU like to be recognized?” as you might get someone who would not like public recognition–but in my extroverted mind, that probably won’t be too often.

    • Responsibilities are the general areas of responsibility you are hired to do..for me that would be keynote speeches, designing and delivering workshops, etc.. Goals are the specific targets within those areas of responsibilities. The # of keynotes by when, etc.. Goals are more specific.

  4. Thanks everyone for your questions and insights. Your people will appreciate it as you use the three steps: Focus, Develop and Celebrate to help them be their best. You are one of the most influential individuals for your direct reports and they are so hoping you notice their efforts. Have a great week.

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