The Inspirational Leader: Who Inspires You?

There have been a large number of nominations posted over the weekend for Ken Blanchard’s Top Leader Survey/Contest on Twitter.  (Thanks to all of you who have nominated someone, or re-Tweeted the original post.) In looking over the latest group of nominees, one thought that came to mind was the inspirational side of leadership.  Many people have nominated someone who they felt inspired them to higher levels of performance, stood up for what was right, or displayed honesty, integrity, and courage during difficult times.

 As you look over the latest group of people who have been nominated, consider who is the most inspirational leader you have ever met.  What was it about them that caused you to be inspired?  Was it something they said?  Something they did?  Or was it something harder to describe?

Once you’ve identified that inspirational leader, let us know about it.  Post a tweet with @kenblanchard in the body of the message.  That will get your message posted at Ken Blanchard’s Twitter page and also enter you into our raffle on Tuesday for one of two gift baskets of Ken Blanchard books. 

This weekend’s new nominees:

  • USC football coach Pete Carroll
  • Social visionary, Eboo Patel
  • Steve Irwin, famed Australian “Crocodile Hunter”
  • Croatian tennis player, Marin Cilic who reached the quarterfinals of this year’s US Open
  • Pastor, and best-selling author, Rick Warren
  • Jack Stack CEO of SRC Holdings Corporation
  • Jack Canfield, best-selling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Who’s inspired you?  Let us know, and check back here at LeaderChat to see who is inspiring others.

Survey/Contest Details

LeaderChat is partnering with Ken Blanchard on Twitter to conduct a fun and interesting survey/contest.  Through October 13th, we’d like you to Tweet the name of the person you think is today’s top leader.  In order for us to know who your selection is specifically for this contest, just include “@kenblanchard” in your Tweet.

For example, your Tweet could read: “Today’s top leader @kenblanchard: John Smith”

By doing that, you will be entered into our Twitter contest. After October 13th, we will randomly select two submissions for this contest on Twitter, and we’ll send each of these winners a gift pack of 7 of Ken’s best books, including best-sellers together with some of his newest releases. If you win, Ken will send you a direct Tweet to get your contact info, and we’ll also post the winners here.

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