Who’s Your Unsung Hero?

Yesterday’s posting on “Do You Need to Be Famous to Lead?” generated a lot of discussion on Ken Blanchard’s Facebook page.  The general sentiment was that you didn’t. 

People felt that there were plenty of leaders in all walks of life who weren’t necessarily famous, but were still having a big impact on the people around them.  One example was a parent’s nomination of a teammate on a son’s high school baseball team. As the parent noted, “He (the teammate) is the leader without anyone telling him he is the leader. He is a model player who gives the credit to his teammates. No vote was needed.”

Another nomination was for a retired U.S. Navy captain.  This nominee’s leadership traits?  “He knew each person’s name in our command of over 400+ people. Never looked at your name tag–looked you directly in the eye so you knew he knew your name.”

The takeaway from today’s postings?  As one Facebook fan identified, “To be a great leader you must see something…and I’d like to add, that something can be a special trait in another, an idea for doings things a new way, or a vision for a better future.   

Who’s your nominee as one of today’s top leaders?  Let us know by posting your nominee. Be sure to check back again on Monday to see the results from this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Who’s Your Unsung Hero?

  1. I have to get The One Minute Manager! I’ve heard nothing but excellent comments from, Tony Robbins, and 3 of my Professors in school. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and try to practice CANI every day. Change happens in a moment. If Tony is reading this, please have him respond to me at the above email address as I don’t check Twitter often and would like to ask him a couple of questions regarding Ultimate Power. Thanks in advance. Johnny G

  2. Leading may be the easiest part, it’s getting the followers that proves the challenge…! Good name recognition helps…don’t you agree David?

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