Today’s Top Leader Twitter Contest

We want to know who you think today’s top leader is, and why. LeaderChat is partnering with Ken Blanchard on Twitter to conduct a fun and interesting survey/contest.  Starting today, and going through October 13th, we’d like you to Tweet the name of the person you think is today’s top leader.  In order for us to know who your selection is specifically for this contest, just include “@kenblanchard” in your Tweet.

For example, your Tweet could read: “Today’s top leader @kenblanchard: David Witt”

Okay, that may be a stretch… but pretty simple, huh?  By doing that, you will be entered into our Twitter contest. After October 13th, we will randomly select two submissions for this contest on Twitter, and we’ll send each of these winners a gift pack of 7 of Ken’s best books, including best-sellers together with some of his newest releases. You can read them all, you can give some away as gifts, whatever you like! If you win, Ken will send you a direct Tweet to get your contact info, and we’ll also post the winners here.

The second phase of this LeaderChat/Twitter partnership is right back here at LeaderChat. Each day, I’ll be posting some of the latest Tweet suggestions. Then, we can discuss here on the blog why those people are top leaders (or why you think they aren’t).

What is the criteria for a “top leader?” It’s whatever you think it should be… it could be your parents, a teacher, a local business owner, a sports star, a politician, etc. Really, its about what YOU think makes a top leader. Stop back here each day to talk about some of the Tweet suggestions, and the factors that are important about that particular person and leaders in general.

So start right now and go to Twitter, or directly to Ken’s Twitter page at, Tweet out your top leader suggestion with “@kenblanchard” included in your message, and come back here to discuss.

I think it’s going to be a lot of fun… check back tomorrow to see what leaders come up!

11 thoughts on “Today’s Top Leader Twitter Contest

  1. I find that many people think of an elder or a distinguished person when asked this question, but I am inspired by the innovative minds of our youth. My 15 year old daughter is a leader that is inspiring and bridging multiple generations with her wisdom and values.
    I hope that my fellow adults will look to our youth for leadership inspiration. They have a passion for social and global causes that many adults can not even begin to conceive.
    Thank you
    Marianne St. Clair

    • Hi Marianne,
      Thanks for the reminder that leadership is not necessarily age-related. You make a great point that we can learn different things from people at all stages of life.

  2. We’ve had a great response so far today and the contest is just beginning. The responses have covered all different aspects of leadership. Here are just a few of the people that have already been nominated. What do you think about them? Are there any other people that you want to add? If you did post someone below, why did you nominate them?

    • US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
    • Apple CEO Steve Jobs
    • Def Jam Co-founder Russell Simmons
    • Southwest Airlines’ Chief Executive Officer Gary Kelly
    • The Dalai Lama
    • Endeavor CEO Linda Rottenberg
    • Deepak Chopra
    • Barack Obama
    • Google CEO Eric Schmidt
    • Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani
    • Single Moms

    Make sure to check back every day until October 13 when we announce the winners of the Ken Blanchard book gift packs. Each day we will post a new list of nominations.

  3. I suggested the Prime Minister of Canada – Stephen Harper. I picked him not because I support his party but because of his steady hand in governing. Mr. Harper also strikes me as trustworthy and one who is not afraid to make tough decisions when needed.

  4. Hi. I had nominated Elizabeth Blackburn, the molecular biologist, jointly awarded the Medicine Nobel yesterday. Nominated her for constancy of purpose, continuing to stand by her beliefs and for her outspoken & steadfast advocation.

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  7. The best leaders also teach others how to be effective leaders. This is the ultimate legacy for a leader. Through my years as a leader/manager and as a trainer in leadership development, there are three leaders who together have influenced me and help me to influence others every day in both professional and personal life; Ken Blanchard clarifies WHAT we must do to lead, Stephen Covey explains HOW to do, and Daniel Goleman gives the tools for IMPROVING our ability to lead throughout our lives. Each one deserves the honor, but together they are all anyone needs to learn to become an effective and evolving leader.

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