Live Chat with Dr. Dick Ruhe on Re-Energizing Your Organization

Join Dr. Dick Ruhe, Senior Consulting Partner and co-author of Know-Can-Do right here on LeaderChat beginning at 10:05 a.m. Pacific Time for a 30-minute Q&A session.

Dick will be stopping by immediately after he finishes his WebEx sponsored webinar on We’re Still Here … Now What? In this special event, Dick will be sharing six strategies to help leaders re-focus and re-energize their organizations by adopting a growth—instead of survival—mindset.  Over 400 people will be participating in the webinar and most will be gathering here to ask follow-up questions.

If you have a question that you would like to ask Dr. Ruhe, just click on the COMMENTS hyperlink above. (Once you’ve typed in your comment hit SUBMIT COMMENT.)  Dick will answer as many questions as possible during the 30-minute online Q&A.

If you can’t stay for the entire 30-minute chat, but would like to see all of the questions and responses, you can always stop by later or click on the RSS FEED button on the right-hand column and you’ll receive updates automatically.

12 thoughts on “Live Chat with Dr. Dick Ruhe on Re-Energizing Your Organization

    • We know that between incentives and motives, engagement is more impacted by motives. So incentives are the more tangible things: money, vacation, office, health care, etc. But it is the other list that impacts incentives, the motives: esteem, appreciation, involvement in decision making, etc.

  1. What suggestions do you have for leaders on how they can create a balance between “keeping their employees on the hook” – providing consequences, etc. while “Freeing them to Fail”?

    • Thanks, Michelle. If the issue is going after creative ideas, innovation, etc. then the standard is x ideas per y amount of time, the measure is against that standard, and the consequence should be positive, even if there is a downside/error associated with it. So we keep them on the hook with +’s as well as -‘s. You can also create a ritual of reporting change efforts at a weekly meeting. It’s on the agenda, and I know that you (my boss) will hold me accountable for some kind of indication that I’m going with it. if you’d like more. Thanks

  2. Another question from the webinar: In your experience what most often gets in the way of leaders making decisions to act–what you identified as “making the call?”

    • Thanks for this. #1: Fear of Failure by the leader. They can’t say you failed if you never committed. #2: A sickening commitment to empowerment or participation to make sure “everybody is on board”. So in deference to consensus, we procrastinate. #3: Corporate Culture has created a subconscious inclination to withhold judgement.
      Thanks. if you’d like more.

    • Thanks for this. First of all, use the bully pulpit. When leaders are managing by wandering around, remind others that we value bystander, customer, owner behavior. Then, direct attention to results from those behaviors, among the rest of the team. And publicly express appreciation and recognition for what they have heard. for more info, if you want.

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