Question from Jim Ballard on Social Networking

My friend Jim Ballard wanted me to forward this question on to all of you:

Dear blogger:  As a writer of fables, to me the current explosion of social networking begs a fable. A fable provides a fictitious world and whimsical characters that are fun to read about, while conveying some lesson or simple truth. I want readers to say, “Thanks, I needed that. It’s something I tend to lose sight of when I’m Twittering and blogging and Facebooking.” So I am requesting your help as a participant in this online community-building world. If you would kindly take the time to respond to the following 4 questions, you will furnish me with insights and guidance. Thank you in advance. -Jim

a.  How has social networking helped you be more connected to people?
b.  Less connected?
c.  What are the biggest benefits?
d.  What are the biggest pitfalls?

2 thoughts on “Question from Jim Ballard on Social Networking

  1. think to be in touch with all the end each one has it’s own limit, so your life is pretty the same.

    Then the kind of communication is more cold, a little bit longer, without a clear share of emotions. How difficult is understand and describe it’s own emotions?

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