The High Cost of Doing Nothing

What is the gap between current and desired performance, costing your organization on an annual basis?   A lot more than you might think going by the results of people who got a sneak peek of The Ken Blanchard Companies’ new Cost of Doing Nothing Calculator at the ASTD International Conference last week in Washington, DC.

In most cases, the size of this gap was over $1 million dollars in companies with 200 or more employees.

The Cost of Doing Nothing Calculator uses a couple of pieces of information—number of employees, annual sales, current turnover rate, and combines it with desired targets for customer satisfaction and employee productivity to generate a “cost of doing nothing” dollar amount.  It’s a great tool for identifying the impact of better leadership in an organization and also making the business case for a training initiative—especially leadership development.

Are you interested in calculating what your current cost of doing nothing is?  Just click here and follow the easy 3-step process.  It’s free, it only takes minutes to complete, and you get access to a complete personalized report immediately.

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