What (or Who) Kills Change in Your Organization?

The new book Who Killed Change?, co-authored by Ken Blanchard, John Britt, Pat Zigarmi, and Judd Hoekstra, hits bookstore shelves on May 26.   Written in a fun, who-done-it murder mystery style, the book follows the investigation of the death of Change in the large ACME organization.  Readers follow along as a hard-boiled detective (known only as Agent) questions each of the suspects including Budget, Sponsorship, and Aligned Leadership. 

Has a change initiative ever “died” in your organization?  Who would you point to as the likely suspects?  Take our poll below, and also leave a comment and let us know about the biggest killers of change you’ve experienced.

One thought on “What (or Who) Kills Change in Your Organization?

  1. Hi

    Just finished reading the book, I bought while at holidays in India. Excellent work and describes my present situation where I was brought to change the way we do our marketing of services, but i am cornered, not killed yet. I know one day, i will be killed and that day is not far. I am going to give the book to my boss, who brought me, the so called change but never sponsored me.

    Thanks for writing this wonderful book, I have also learned a lot and will again try to launch the change, lets see if the culture of NO in my organisation supports it.

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