Performance Management: Don’t Forget Coaching

A good performance management system is comprised of three parts: (1) performance planning, which consists of setting goals and objectives; (2) day-to-day coaching to help your people accomplish their goals; and (3) performance evaluation to examine individuals’ performance against goals during a certain period of time.


Unfortunately, the most important of these three parts is almost never done well in organizations: day-to-day coaching.


Coaching should take up 90 percent of your people management efforts. It’s through day-to-day coaching that you help your people monitor their progress and systematically move toward success.


In their new book, Coaching in Organizations: Best Coaching Practices from The Ken Blanchard Companies, authors Madeleine Blanchard and Linda Miller recommend a 4-step C-FAR process for managers looking to improve their performance and development conversations.


  • Connect by building rapport and setting the context.
  • Focus by identifying topics and goals to be discussed.
  • Activate your conversation by determining strategy and tactics for specific goals.
  • Review by recapping the discussion to ensure clear agreements.


You can learn more about the 4-step C-FAR process at our archived webinar homepage.  In particular check out Linda Miller’s presentation on Moving Forward during Uncertain Times: The Power of Coaching.  Linda discusses


  • The four parts of a coaching conversation
  • The four coaching skills
  • How to support your team so that team members are motivated to move forward and take intentional action

2 thoughts on “Performance Management: Don’t Forget Coaching

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  2. I’ve evolved my coaching style to become a “continuous stream of collaboration”. I’m essentially constantly coaching. It’s not a clear “coaching moment”. (Though I have those as well!) Gen-xers and millenniums are heavy collaborators. They expect their opinions to be solicited and incorporated…whether it’s right for the task at hand or not. This evolution of my style to meet theirs has helped me keep open communication with them. Together we explore our options, decisioning process and corporate culture—coaching along the way.

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