Layoffs, Mergers, and Acquisitions: Where to focus first

What’s the best way for leaders to impact their organizations after a layoff, merger, or acquisition?  If you had to choose between focusing on your people, financials, or customers, where would you begin?  We asked that question to 700 frontline, mid-level, and senior executives who attended our webinar on Revitalizing the Downsized Organization this past Tuesday. 


Their response?  Focus on your people first. 


52% said addressing employee motivation needs should be the first order of business, followed by customer needs (14%), and then financials (12%). 


How does this stack up with your priorities during these trying economic times? It’s important to have a strong strategic focus on financials when money is tight, but make sure that you are also paying attention to employee needs.  After all, you need their best ideas and their best work now, more than ever.


Great organizations know that focusing on people—both customers and employees—is just as important as measuring the success of the bottom line.


Are you taking care of the people who take care of your customers?

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