Live Chat Today with Chris Edmonds

Join Blanchard Senior Consulting Partner Chris Edmonds today for a live online chat beginning at 10:05 a.m. Pacific Time.


Chris will be stopping by The Ken Blanchard Companies’ LeaderChat blog ( for a 50-minute Q&A session right after he finishes his WebEx webinar presentation on Revitalizing the Downsized Organization. Over 500 people will be participating in the webinar and many will be gathering at the Blanchard blog to ask follow-up questions.


If you have a question that you would like to ask Chris, just enter this thread or click on the COMMENTS hyperlink near the title of this post.  Type in your question in the space provided and hit SUBMIT COMMENT.  Chris will answer as many questions as possible until he has to leave at 11:00 a.m. Pacific.


And if you can’t stay, be sure to stop by later and see all the questions that were asked.  Or better yet, hit the RSS FEED button on the right-hand column and receive updates on a daily basis.

27 thoughts on “Live Chat Today with Chris Edmonds

  1. Chris,
    I would like to chat with you about your doing something with my company.
    Liberty Mutual recently bought Safeco. Our division was a reverse takeover. We have significant values and cultural issues. I liked your ideas and would like to explore how to implement them.

  2. Do you have suggestions to manage fast paced waves of change for an acquisition? Example: 4 months post merger corporate systems/processes are being implemented that will change employees job duties, job sites and possibly lay off a fair number of staff due to new efficiencies? This is a lot of emotional and physical change in a very short period of time. Thank you in advance!

    • Lynn, great question. The fear and anxiety you’re describing is natural – and, if left unaddressed, it will really get in the way of people focusing on performing their goals and tasks. Senior leaders need to be very open about how the new efficiencies will change the workforce structure!

  3. Hi Chris,
    Here’s a question from the webinar. You talked about the importance of connecting. Any thoughts on best practices when you have to do that remotely over the phone?

  4. Connecting via phone works just fine – so long as the listener isn’t hearing phones ringing in the background and keys typing. Multitasking will get in the way of being fully present for connecting.

  5. Hi Chris,
    During the webinar you talked about the importance of clarifying organizational values. Any tips on how to begin that process in an organization?

    • Clarifying organizational values and defining them in behavioral terms is the only way to make “high level” values as measurable as day to day task accomplishment. In our culture change work with clients, we’ve found that senior leaders are very interested in getting values behaviorally defined, but they have rarely done it before! They need step-by-step guidance from subject matter experts – we can help! Drop us a note at to talk further.

    • Cascading goals can help clarify how an individual or team’s goals connect with (and contribute to) the goals of those ‘above’ you in a classic organizational hierarchy.
      However, having cascading goals alone won’t inspire people to stay focused and productive. Their fears, concerns, and hopes need to be addressed with connect-listen-focus!

  6. Hi Chris–Here’s another question from today’s webinar. What’s the best way for a leader to get started in helping people mourn the loss of the old ways?

    • Leaders have to be available, one-on-one and in small groups, to engage people in conversations about “what was.” They must stop, connect, and listen before diving in to sell the benefits of “what is/what’s becoming.”

    • If employees feel heard and appreciated . . . understand how their contribution helps the organization’s customers and peers . . . and value the work they’re doing, they’ll stay engaged through (and sometimes beyond) their scheduled termination.
      Leaders must stay connected (and listen and focus) with all employees; those for scheduled termination should receive the same attention and recognition.

    • Thank you, Wilma. Let us know if we can be of further help in implementing some of these concepts. Being aware of the impact that these approaches can have is one thing – putting them into action, consistently, across and organization, is a more complicated process.

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