From engagement to work passion

Many employees feel they are not getting enough recognition and their work environment is not providing career growth.

That’s what we found out in our new white paper From Engagement to Work Passion which takes a further look at the concept of employee passion.  This is a continuation of our research which identified eight basic components that all employees need in order to feel valued, focused, and productive at work.



Overall Sample—Aggregate Results

(1,212 responses, six-point scale with 6 representing “present to the fullest extent”)


  1. Meaningful Work                               4.75
  2. Autonomy                                         4.50
  3. Collaboration                                     4.06
  4. Connectedness to Colleagues            4.04
  5. Connectedness to Leader                   3.91
  6. Fairness                                            3.81
  7. Recognition                                       3.74
  8. Career Growth                                   3.63

According to the data, Meaningful Work and Autonomy are most present in today’s work environments while Recognition and Career Growth are least present.


You can access the complete report at Blanchard Perspectives and White Papers

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