Best Practice Blended Training Designs

Join Dr. Vicki Halsey, VP of Applied Learning for The Ken Blanchard Companies, right here on LeaderChat beginning at 10:05 a.m. Pacific Time for a 50-minute Q&A session. 


Dr. Vicki will be stopping by right after she finishes a webinar being hosted by our friends at WebEx on Best Practice Blended Training Designs.  Over 300 human resource and training professionals are expected to participate in the webinar and many will be gathering here to ask follow-up questions.


If you have a question that you would like to ask Vicki, just enter this thread or click on the COMMENTS hyperlink near the title of this post.  Type in your question in the space provided and hit SUBMIT COMMENT.  Vicki will answer as many questions as possible until she has to leave at 11:00 a.m. Pacific.


And if you can’t stay, be sure to stop by later and see all the questions that were asked.  Or better yet, hit the RSS FEED button on the right-hand column and receive updates on a daily basis!

19 thoughts on “Best Practice Blended Training Designs

  1. We find that short videos seem to work better and you use a virtual platform that enables Training is very fun and diversifies the learning as well as shows best practices of many learnings/practices

  2. I put them in a breakout room where they teach each other..OR they can privately chat a buddy OR they can hang up from the conference line and call each other after giving each other their phone number in the chat depends on how much they need to teach.

  3. Oh thea is a great question..absolutely use it when working with someone to teach them anything..E-Set them up for learning N-teach them the content G-have them share why that would be important to their world..etc..and end with a Celebration..”what have you learned?” It is truly a way to maximize learning whenever they want to.

  4. And here’s a question about training outside of your home country: Any special challenges with training when participants are attending from a different country?

  5. WE have done this a lot with local facilitators joining in to help with translations. In addition we have done different parts of the world at different times from one org. to take into account the time zone (sometimes we are training at 2 AM!) We love working around the world!

  6. Remember with blended learning, each part needs to ENGAGE the participants. You have multiple options to help people be brilliant. The focus os on HOW when designing not just go..make people learn. Thanks for all your commitments and key learnings. If you have any other questions.. email Have a great day learning, Vicki

  7. How might I go about getting a copy of the powerpoint slides other than seeing the webinar? Could you send them to me?

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