Adjust, Don’t Panic

At a time when everything seems topsy-turvy, it was comforting to enjoy the touchpoint of the Super Bowl.  I listened to the game on radio while catching up with some work and it was reassuring to hear the ads for Lincoln-Mercury (focusing on batteries, tires, and brakes), Subway (eat healthy), MotorCraft batteries, and Barbasol shaving cream—just like always.  It reminded me that even as we cope with a serious recession, there is still a lot of business out there and things are more the same than they are different.  Sure, we’re all saving every nickel and dime, but we are still buying the things we need.  People and businesses are being cautious with their money.  I can handle that.


It was also comforting to see that some people—marketers especially—are still working hard.  It was fun to see them adjusting their messages to fit the current economic situation.  No panic—just a necessary adjustment.  It’s probably something we can all reflect on.  What’s the approach in your organization?  Are you adjusting, moving forward, dealing effectively with the situation, or are you holding back, unsure of how to proceed.  That’s a sure recipe for failure.

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